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AEC Holy Assembly Seminars 2022


Worship Descriptions & Times


Divine Revelation, Divine Results
Chief Apostle, Bishop Alvin D. Stewart, Jr.


My Body, The Temple of the Holy Ghost
The Lord has chosen to abandon the constructed tabernacles and temples of the Old
Testament and, instead, abide in human bodies through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit. This
means that each of us has a responsibility to care for our bodies as the divine habitation of the
Lord in the earth. Health and wellness are paramount to Holy Spirit’s ability to operate
effectively in and through us. Healthy eating habits, physical exercise, meditation and rest are
critical to successfully maintaining a temple suitable to host the divine presence of the Lord.
Keeping Fire on the Altar
The key to seeing the kind of results God wants you to achieve through prayer is not just
shooting random arrows in the air hoping something might happen. James wrote, “You do not
have because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss” (James 4:3,
NKJV). If you want to hit the bullseye every time you pray, your prayers must be based on the
Word of God. If you want to see the results of your prayer life, fear and doubt can no longer
be part of your vocabulary. Prayer should never be reactive, but proactive – “Pray without
ceasing.” Before stepping out on something – PRAY. Prayer will activate the divine strategies
of Heaven.


Partnership with Holy Spirit
If we intend to have great success and maximize the fullness of our God-given potential
(assignment) we are obligated to live by and keep in sync with Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit should
be the leading force to accomplish what has been placed in my stewardship. We should not
move out on anything without consulting Holy Spirit first. In order to change our communities
and shift the trajectory of those same communities, we need to partner with Holy Spirit. This
is a season to re-educate ourselves to adopt the attitude of “Amaze me, Lord!” In other words,
not be limited in my thinking as to the possibilities for my life and Kingdom assignment, but
to “enlarge the place of my tent, to stretch my tent curtains wide, to not hold back, to lengthen
my cords, and to strengthen my stakes.” – Isaiah 54:2
Connecting Influencers and Ideas for Community Transformation
Partnership is critical for any successful endeavor, enterprise, or undertaking, yet do we
possess the skills to create, foster and maintain the relationships necessary for the vision? It
takes more than a clever catchphrase, a quick letter, or a one-time event to develop
partnership. We must be strategic, intentional and diligent about partnership if we plan to
transform our communities. Having first partnered with Holy Spirit, learn how to identify the
community influencers needed to help bring your vision and ideas into manifestation. The
Lord has placed us in the midst of the resources we need for our vision. Now we must access
and utilize the resources we’ve been given to transform our communities to reflect the
Kingdom of God.

1:05p – 1:50p

I am a Queen (Self-Esteem and Activating your God seed of purpose)
You are not the image reflect in the mirror; you are the image reflect in the Lord. He made
you in His image and after His likeness to show forth His glory, grace and splendor in the
earth. No one can express can the way you can. No one reveal the Lord the way you can, so
there is no need to compare. Where the world chases beauty and fashion trends in an effort to
make themselves attractive, as Kingdom women the Lord has beautified us with salvation.
This means that your identity and value are anchored in the divine connection you have in
Christ. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made, so be confident and secure. No one
can beat you being you and doing what the Lord and created you to do.
Influencing the Faith of the Next Generation
Every seed has growth potential, but it requires the help and support of the environment
around it to do so. This means that the next generation is depending on us to guide and nurture
them on their journey of faith. Proverbs tells us to train us a child in the way he should go.
Therefore, we must be intentional about influencing the next generation toward faith in the
Lord and into a life in the Kingdom. More than telling them what to do, our lives should show
them not just what to do but also demonstrate the joys and benefits of a life in the Kingdom.
We must change their paradigm from “having to go to church” to “wanting to serve the Lord”.

2:00 – 2:45p

A United Nation
God doesn’t waste time or material. Everything He created serves a purpose no matter where
it is. In His wisdom He made the sun and moon; plants and animal; rocks and rivers and they
all serve a purpose. Likewise, the church is not a monolith—it is diverse in both its
composition and its function. Every piece is critical, and it takes wisdom to faithfully and
effectively steward all of the working parts.

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Restoring The Whole Man
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