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AEC Holy Assembly Seminar Descriptions 2020

See More in Adjutancy – adjutants and armorbearers are more than just briefcase and Bible carriers. They serve a vital function in the life of a Senior Pastor through prayer, service, faith and trust. Those who operate in these positions must be honorable, trustworthy and dependable as they protect the life, grace and anointing of their leader. There is great sacrifice involve but also great reward. Learn key principles to seeing more in your adjutancy. Back

See More as Clergy – as Elders & Ministers it is vital to understand your role in supporting the Senior Pastor and promoting the vision of the ministry. More than just preaching and wearing a collar, you serve a critical role in helping maintain the spiritual climate in the house, so the word of God and Spirit of God have free course to move. This class will empower you to see more in your position and authority as an Elder or Minister. Back

See More in Intercession – prayer is essential to the life of every believer, and it is also vital to the life of and ministry or undertaking for the Kingdom of God. We must understand how to guard the gates of our ministries and our cities through effective intercession so the enemy’s devices don’t undermine or interfere with the work of the Kingdom. This class will teach you how to effectively see more in Intercession to cover and protect your leader, ministry and the work of the Kingdom. Back

See More in the Marketplace – the marketplace is ripe with opportunities for the Kingdom of God to be demonstrated. With boldness, confidence and authority, Kingdom citizens should be excelling and dominating in all areas of the marketplace. Your life, authority and dominion don’t end when you leave the sanctuary. We want to help you see more in the Marketplace with Kingdom Influence. Back

See More in the Church (PASTORS ONLY) – as a Pastor you have been given a sphere of authority in the earth. There are areas you should expect to dominate because of the assignment God has given you and the grace that rests upon your life. In order to see more in the Church you must be strategic, intentional and committed. And you must also access and submit to God’s system of government so that authority and dominion may flow freely. Back

See More as Womenthroughout scripture and biblical history, woman have been pivotal in God’s plan to establish the Kingdom of God in the earth. There are qualities God has given to women to present the gospel of the Kingdom of God, in both word and deed, with grace, dignity and strength without compromise or competition. Receive wisdom and insight to be an effective woman of God. Back

See More in Hospitalityeach time we gather to worship the Lord our expectation is that our ministry will draw new people to support the vision. However, we don’t often create an atmosphere that compels our guests to make a commitment to our ministries. We want to offer you key principles that will allow you to intentionally create an experience that will prompt your guests to become members. It’s time to see more in your hospitality so you can experience greater growth and increase. Back

See More in Mediain an age where media is at the forefront of society we must understand how to use visual imagery to promote our vision and increase our presence in our community. Graphic design is a fundamental component of our media presence, so allow us to provide you tools, creative idea, and an increased understand of this tool so you can see more from your media. Back

See More in Your Gifta man’s gift will make room for him and bring him before great men. The effectiveness of your gift depends on how much time you spend developing it. No matter how gifted you are, there is always another dimension beyond where you are. Too often we find people being led by their gift, instead them leading their gift. Those who experience the greatest results and impacts from their gift(s) are those who have learned how to see more in their gift with intention and wisdom. Let us show you how. Back

See More in EvangelismJesus said the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few, and Proverbs says he who wins souls in wise. There is grace and wisdom for winning souls. Just as a fisherman must gain wisdom to catch fish, we must also learn wisdom to win souls. When we understand the authority we have been given as Kingdom citizens, we can see more in Evangelism and reap a harvest of souls each time we cast out nets. Back

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