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Faith and Wealth Seminars

Creating Wealth to Empower the Kingdom. This workshop will fan the flames of established and aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and marketplace influencers. Our goal is to empower believers with tools and strategies to build wealth for the Kingdom of God through their role in established businesses, entrepreneurship and other marketplace endeavors.

Principles for Starting A For-Profit Business Under a Non-profit. Many non-profits suffer from a lack of funding to accomplish their mission, which keeps them in an unending cycle of fundraising to meet basic operational and programmatic needs. This workshop will provide practical tools, steps and wisdom on establishing for-profits businesses that support the activities of a non-profit enterprises.

Vision Casting & Networking. A clear vision and proper networking are vital to the success of any organization. People can’t buy in and support what they don’t see, understand or know about. This seminar will empower believers with the tools to establish and articulate their vision clearly and network to find others with the tools and resources to support it.

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