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Bishop Press PhotoBishop Alvin D. Stewart, Jr., D.D.

Bishop Alvin D. Stewart, Jr. is a man of vision and integrity fulfilling God’s purpose and destiny.  He is the founder and overseer of ALARM International, an apostolic and prophetic ministry with the vision of building a spiritual community to impact the WHOLE man.  Under Bishop Stewart’s visionary leadership ALARM has come to be known as a trailblazing, multicultural ministry with headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida and campuses in Thomasville, Georgia and Carrabelle, Florida.

With a vision to reach the masses beyond the borders of our nation and empower other leaders and ministers in the five-fold, Bishop Stewart established Alvin Stewart Ministries, which supports his global ministry and outreach, and the ALARM Eagles Connection, which is a fellowship through which he provides apostolic and prophetic covering to other pastors and leaders throughout the United States and around the world—in places such as the Philippines, Uganda, and Haiti.

Through Alvin Stewart Ministries Bishop Stewart conducts global mission trips.  In May 2004 he took a team of 14 members of ALARM with him to the Philippines to minister at an 8-day conference and assist in building a church facility.  Most recently, in February of this year, he took a team of 15 ALARM members with him to Kampala, Uganda to assist Pastor Joshua Kuteesa in the construction and development of Shiloh Junior School.  Pastor Kuteesa is a covenant pastor with the Eagles Connection, and upon Bishop Stewart’s return to Uganda in February 2014, Pastor Kuteesa will name one wing of the school the “Bishop Alvin D. Stewart, Jr. Wing.”

Bishop Stewart is one of the nation’s most prolific, charismatic, and dynamic prophetic and apostolic voices of our time.  He is truly an anointed man of God who possesses a unique ability to awaken and cultivate the Kingdom potential resident in every believer.  He has been sent by God to establish the Kingdom in the earth and catapult men, women, and children into their god-given destinies.  The anointing that is upon his life has impacted entire ministries, inspiring them to operate greater dimensions of Kingdom Excellence and fruitfulness.  He has the heart of a shepherd with a passion and commitment to empower and strengthen other shepherds.  Once you have experienced the apostolic and prophetic ministry of Bishop Alvin Stewart your life will never be the same.

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