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ALARM Eagles Connection

Alarm Eagles Connection Logo FLATThe ALARM Eagles Connection was founded by Bishop Alvin D. Stewart, Jr. who has been in ministry for 28 years and pastoring for 17 years. He possess a sincere heart to build, support, and empower leaders to fulfill their Kingdom assignments in the earth. He realizes that the mandate of the Father is too great for a single ministry to fulfill, but by uniting in covenant, we can eliminate every weakness and maximize each other’s strengths. In the natural eagles fellowship with other eagles, thus the Eagles Connection is an international community of leaders and ministries of kindred spirits, pursuing excellence while establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth.


The ALARM Eagles Connection has been established to be a place of apostolic and prophetic relationship, strength, and edification that will develop the kingdom and its leaders in the earth. It is a team of the five – fold ministry gifts working to make an impact in the earth that cannot be erased.


• To provide a fathering anointing for those pastors that are submitted to the apostolic authority and prophetic vision of Bishop Alvin D. Stewart, Jr.
• To provide a haven of interdependence while permitting those connected to maintain their independence and Kingdom identity.
• To provide a visible, tangible pattern of the Kingdom in operation.
• To teach Kingdom principles and minister to the WHOLE MINISTRY (spiritual, economic, social, and physical needs).
• To pour life into the spirits and encourage the hearts of those leaders that are in relationship with the ALARM Eagles Connection.
• To ignite the seed of greatness within our connected pastors and propel them into their rightful place of destiny.
• To be a catalyst that causes Kingdom assignments to manifest.

The wings of the connection extend throughout the United States and into Africa, Haiti, and the Philippines. The connection continues to expand its reach and impact as the pastors and leaders already covenant with the connection share their experience with others.


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