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2015 Appreciation – Tokens of Honor

Tokens of Honor 2


Rarely are we given the privilege and opportunity to not only see great leadership, but to also experience its direct impact in our lives. It is not often in life that we can say that we have known greatness before its greatness became evident to the world.

As a covenant body we have been tremendously blessed by God to have a leader par excellence. We have been touched by his sincerity; changed by his love; impacted by his anointing; blessed through his ministry.

Now is our time to celebrate the treasure and give honor where honor is due.
Now is our time to express our gratitude and appreciation as a corporate body.
Now is our time to give Tokens of Honor.

This year we will commemorate 19 years of pastoral ministry for Bishop Alvin D. Stewart, Jr. As a covenant family this is our opportunity to demonstrate our corporate love and affection to a leader whose life has made an impact that cannot be erased.

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